Waiting for review

After a day of rampant manual deforestation of the upper reaches of my skull, I have finally managed to get AstroAid uploaded to the Apple App Store, where it is now “Waiting for review”. Huzzah! Hopefully I won’t have to wait long to find out how I screwed up, and what I have to do to be loved by the reviewers. Seeing this is my first App Store app, I’m fully expecting them to be unhappy about many things. But the app is fairly straightforward and doesn’t make use of any fancy features, so mebbe I’ll get lucky.

I was trying two apps that are roughly equivalent to AstroAid, and one of them plain does not work. How that managed to get into the store is beyond me. The other one is full of typos (I can only imagine that the author is not a native English-speaker).

Fingers crossed.