AstroAid for iPad

I previously posted about AstroAid, my first “commercial” iOS app for the iPhone. Now I have completed the iPad part of things. Conveniently, you can get a bunch more stuff on screen compared to the iPhone. Some pictures…

Firstly we have the landscape mode (using a split-screen widget). What took four screens on the iPhone takes one screen on the iPad.

iPad, landscape

In portrait orientation, you get more on the screen, but need to click the button at the top left to change telescope, etc.

AstroAid, iPad, Portrait

Here’s selecting a telescope, using a popover:

Choosing a telescope via a popover

I just finished jumping through a dozen hoops to register with Apple to been able to test the application on my actual iOS devices (after a few bugs surfaced and were fixed, everything works fine). I now have to jump though a bunch more hoops in order to be able to sell this and future apps on the Apple App Store. Hopefully I’ll be in a position to submit within a few days/weeks, once all the tax and contract hurdles have been surmounted.